Spivak Education Center (SEC at Mogen David) is a developmental Jewish preschool where children learn and grow in a loving and nurturing atmosphere. Our school is inspired by the Reggio Emillia philosophy of education where projects and activities grow out of the interests, curiosity and discovery of the children. As such, there is no time limit on what we do. Additionally, we document our work progress through pictures, and newsletter texts so that parents can join in our journey of learning.

Our pre-school is designed for children who are 2 -5 years old,  and classes for 1st grade. There are full day and half day opportunities. Children can come to school three days or five days per week. During our day children work in both homogenous and multi-age group settings. They learn language development, cooperation, patience and respect for each other. Our Pre-K class has an academic component of pre-reading skills, number sense and Hebrew language, incorporated into their day.

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Our Philosophy:
SEC is a developmental, Jewish preschool inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education. Our mission is to stimulate and challenge the minds of our students throughout their day, as they grow socially, intellectually, ethically, and physically. Our children engage in ongoing experiences and opportunities that encourage them to question, create, develop, and flourish as they move through their ages and stages of development. Projects and activities driven by the interests, curiosity, and discovery of our children, are the cornerstone of what we do in our day. Ultimately they learn about their world through many mediums, including art, music, drama, movement, and literature. We provide the tools for this rich learning environment. We weave the dynamic threads of our Jewish traditions, laws, customs and heritage to lay the foundations of who we are as a Jewish people. Weekly Shabbat celebrations and holiday inspired curriculum are integrated into our general learning program. Additionally Torah values, morals, mitzvot and midot shape our behaviors.

Our classroom space and environment is designed in a way to further nourish our student’s sense of wonder. We incorporate periods throughout our day for multi-age group experiences where our children have first hand opportunities to develop communication skills, language development, respect, and patience, among other virtues. Academically, our students enhance their language arts, number sense, handwriting skills and Hebrew language at appropriate levels.

SEC offers a rich and inspiring learning environment where children develop their minds and bodies in a safe and nurturing setting.

Spivak Education Center (formally KMDECC) was founded in 2010 as a cohort to Mogen David Synagogue. Rabbi Gabe Elias and Cecelie Wizenfeld collaborated to create a unique Early Childhood Center that would infuse a Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy of education with the moral, ethical, cultural and spiritual philosophies found within Orthodox Judaism. The school opened with 10 students and has grown to its current enrollment of 60 children. SEC strives to continue growing from small seeds into a blossoming tree of knowledge, raising new gardens each year!

SEC consists of a diverse religious and cultural community that unify as one under the Hashkafah and education of Modern Orthodoxy. Our families display a cornucopia of the West-side Jewish community, ranging across both Ashkenazi and Sepharadi cultural lines as well as across international lines, hosting Israeli, South African, French, Venezualan, Chilean, and American Jews. Our multi-facetted diversity comes together under our common link of Judaism.
Additionally, our Reggio inspired philosophy enforces the notion of “one community.” Our SEC family is “one community,” responsible for each other, including parents, teachers and students alike. We work as a three-pronged team, ensuring your child’s social, intellectual, emotional, and moral growth along with you. So too, we ask that you, as the parent prong, take an active role in your child’s education. We encourage volunteering both inside and outside classroom and welcome any form of contribution that parents wish to present. This can range from donating extraneous materials, recycled materials, to reading in classrooms, to planning parents and family school-wide events. We strongly promote the growth of a continuous cohesive community. We’re one big family!

Interested in Spivak Education Center? For more information please contact/email Cecelie Wizenfeld @(310)553-9900 or


Visiting Spivak Education Center:
If you would like to visit our facility in action please make an appointment by contacting the Director of Education, Cecelie Wizenfeld @(310)553-9900.
When making an appointment, please provide your:
• Name
• Child(ren)’s name(s) and age(s)
• Date of availability for visiting appointment. Note: Appointments will take place Monday-Thursday between the times of 10:00am-1:00pm.
What to Expect at the Visit Appointment:
• Tour of the campus and classrooms in action
• Information about SEC’s philosophy as well as a description of day to day operations
• Opportunity to bring your child in to visit the campus-Optional
• Opportunity to ask any pending questions you may have about the program
• Enjoy your visit!