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Dear Mogen David Family,

Rashi begins his commentary on Parashat Behar by quoting what has become a modern Israeli expression: 'Mah Inyan Shmittah Etzel Har Sinai?'--Or what we, in the United States, would ask, 'What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?' The reference here is to the juxtaposition of Har Sinai with the Parasha's subsequent detailing of the laws of the Shmittah year (which we are in the midst of now).

Why, specifically, are we told the laws of Shimttah were mentioned on Har Sinai? Weren't all the Mitzvot given on Har Sinai?

Rashi teaches us a fundamental lesson which should inform our relationship with Torah and Mitzvot, particularly in this tekufah of Zman Matan Torateinu. We learn that just as Shmittah was given and taught to Moshe [and Klal Yisrael] 'B'chol Peratoteha, U'dikdukeha,' with all its intricacies, specifics, and details, so too all Mitzvot were given, not in a vague,general sense, but B'chol Peratoteha, U'dikdukeha.

Each Mitzvah, every word of Torah, is a precious jewel with which we must protect and treasure. As Shavuot approaches let us garner our strength and gain from this valuable lesson. Baruch Hashem we have been zoche to complete the Sefer of VaYikrah before the upcoming holiday of Chag Shavuot, may this bring us closer to Hashem and prepare us for Zeman Matan Torateinu.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yehuda Moses Rav HaKehillah/Senior Rabbi



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