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Dear Kahal Kadosh,

This is the month of Mar-Cheshvan, the "bitter" month. The classic answer given as to why we add the adjective of 'bitter'--mar--is because this month is devoid of any chag, both min-HaTorah and Mi-derabanan, and also devoid of any fast days or other marked special occasions.

Many years ago a congregant asked Rabbi Avigdor Miller, the famous Mashgiach of Yeshivat Torah V'Da'as in Brooklyn, why this chodesh does not contain any special occasions. Rabbi Miller answered:

"Cheshvan comes right after the month of Tishrei. And since we lost so much time on the holidays, so much time from learning, so we need time to make it up. You know, if you learn every day with groups of bochurim in the yeshiva, your heart hurts because of all the learning that goes lost. Now it’s Rosh Hashana, now it’s Yom Kippur, now it’s Sukkot. Your heart hurts you – you’re missing so much. 

And if you’re a business man you lose out a lot. If you work for a company your boss is getting sourer and sourer with you every day. He sees you’re taking off for this YomTov and this holiday. You need a lot of alibis to explain that!

So finally Cheshvan comes along and it’s a solid month of achievement. You can work every day; you can learn every day. And that’s a great blessing, a great opportunity for making progress. No Yamim tovim, no fast days, there’s a lot of time to achieve."

Indeed, this month is absent from all distractions and festivities to allow us to achieve in gashmiut and ruchaniut. Let us take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow in health with lots of blessings and success.


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yehuda Moses Rav HaKehillah/Senior Rabbi




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