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Mogen David is fortunate to host many visitors. In order to make your visit easier, we are pleased to provide the following information.


Kosher Restaurants

The following establishments are under the supervision of the Kashruth Commission. For a complete listing of kosher facilities, visit their website at               

  • Bibi's Bakery Cafe8928 Pico Boulevard,      Los Angeles, CA 90035                                        Israeli Bakery/Coffe House offering Kosher pitas, pizza and challahs in an unfussy space.          (310) 246-1788
  • Bodhi Kosher Tai; 9198 West Olympic Blvd.,  Los Angeles, CA 91212                                       Vegan Restaurant specializing in Kosher, vegetarian and vegan Pan-Asian fare with an emphasis on Thai.                                           (310) 248-2777
  • Chick 'N Chow; 9301 Pico Boulevard,                  Los Angeles, CA 90035                                   Kosher option for fried chicken as well as Korean and Chinese chow and delivery.                    (310) 274-5595
  • Delice Bakery; 8583 Pico Boulevard,              Los Angeles, CA 90035                                Kosher Bakery and Cafe serving French-inspired baked goods, plus sandwiches, salads and breakfast items.                                                (310) 289-6556
  • Dr. Sandwich; 9113 West Olympic Boulevard,  Beverly Hills, CA 90212                                Bright, modern counter serve doling out super-sized, Mediterranean-inspired sandwiches as well as deli-style.                                             (310) 278-7777
  • Fish Grill; 9618 West Pico Boulevard,             Los Angeles, CA 90035                             Family-friendly counter serve restaurant, offering Kosher seafood in a naturally themed space with a patio.                                                              (310) 860-1182
  • Got Kosher Deli & Bakery; 8916 Pico Blvd.,    Los Angeles, CA  90035                                    Bright spot with diverse Glatt Kosher menu plus baked goods, vegetarian items and Shabbat takeout.                                                            (310) 858-3128
  • Holy Grill Restaurant; 8975 Pico Boulevard,    Los Angeles, CA 90035                                  Late-night food, comfort food. Mixture of Mediterranean/Israeli sandwiches and variety of salads and other dishes.                                 (310) 275-4420
  • Jeff's Gourmet Sausage Factory; 8930 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035                  Informal spot for classic Jewish fare, including Kosher hotdogs, pastrami and corned beef sandwiches and burgers.                                 (310) 858-8590
  • L.A. Burger Bar; 8581 Pico Boulevard,             Los Angeles, CA 90035                                 Indoor/Outdoor space for Glatt Kosher beef and lamb burgers, fries, wings and kids meals as well as a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads.                                                             (424) 278-1296
  • La Gondola Kosher Restaurant; 9025 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211               Swanky Kosher restaurant offering a mix of Italian dishes, steaks and sushi plus Shabbat takeout.                                                             (310) 247-1239
  • Nagila Meating Place; 9407 West Pico Blvd.,  Los Angeles, CA 90035                              Unassuming Kosher destination offering a mix of American and Mediterranean fare. Nagila includes two adjacent restaurants, one of which serves meat and the other, dairy.                     (310) 788-0119
  • Pat's Restaurant; 9233 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035                      Kosher restaurant serving Italian dishes with a Californian influence in a white-tablecloth setting.                                                            (310) 205-8705
  • Pico Cafe; 8944 Pico Boulevard,                     Los Angeles, CA 90035                                   Basic, enduting Kosher eatery providing dairy vegetarian and vegan provisions for breakfast and lunch.                                                       (310) 385-9592
  • Pizza Station; 8965 Pico Boulevard,               Los Angeles, CA 90035                               Straightforward Kosher pizzeria with a simple menu that includes pasta and Mexican dishes. (310) 276-8708
  • Shalom Grill; 9340 Pico Boulevard,                  Los Angeles, CA 90035                                    Burgers, Kabob, Shwarma. Comfort food and indoor/outdoor seating.                                       (310) 278-4692
  • Shalom Pizza; 8715 Pico Boulevard,               Los Angeles, CA 90035                                    Utilitarian counter-serve spot with some seating and a menu of Kosher pizza, pasta, burritos and nachos.                                                              (310) 271-2255
  • Shiloh's Steak House; 8939 Pico Boulevard,    Los Angeles, CA 90035                                  French Bistro serving a unique fusion of traditional Kosher dishes, plus creative wine and beer lists.                                                            (310) 278-1500
  • Sushiko; 9340 Pico Boulevard,                       Los Angeles, CA 90035                                   Casual yet stylish destination for sushi and Japanese entrees, lunch combos and party platters.                                                           (310) 274-3474
  • Trattoria Natalie; 8681 Pico Boulevard,           Los Angeles, CA 90035                                  Intimate trattoria serving pizza, pasta and other Italian entrees in a stylish, wood and brick space.                                                              (310) 246-1826


  • Livonia Market; 8922 Pico Boulevard,                Los Angeles, CA 90035                                (310) 271-4343
  • Pico Glatt Mart; 9427 Pico Boulevard,             Los Angeles, CA 90035                                   (310) 785-0904
  • Elat Market; 8730 Pico Boulevard,                  Los Angeles, CA 90035                                   (310) 659-7070
  • Beverly Hills Kosher Meat Market; 9213 Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035                 (310) 276-7232
  • Western Kosher Meat & Groceries; 4817 Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90019                  (323) 933-8283


Shabbat Hospitality

For Shabbat home hospitality within walking distance of the Shul, please email us at



  • Mr. C Beverly Hills; 1224 Beverwil Drive,           Los Angeles, CA 90035                                      (877) 334-5623
  • Residence Inn; 1177 South Beverly Drive,        Los Angeles, CA 90035                                   (310) 228-4100
  • Beverly Hills Marriott; 1150 Beverly Drive,     Los Angeles, CA 90035                                    (310) 553-6561


An Eruv encircles the Shul, with a span of about two miles in every direction. Visit before Shabbat for current Eruv status.



The women’s mikvah is located at 9548 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Mikvah Esther is open every Sunday thru Thursday from 8:50 pm-11:00 pm; on Fridays (please see Shabbat Times); and Motzei Shabbat, 45 minutes after Havdallah. Visit for current schedule.


Shabbat Services

For Weekday and Shabbat times, please visit us online at or call the office at 310-556-5609.



Mogen David always has an open Beit Midrash and evening classes. Please visit us online at or call the office at 310-556-5609 for a complete listing of classes.

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